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If you are here, it is because you or a loved one has experienced the heartbreak that comes from losing a child during pregnancy. Miscarriage and still birth are things that no one should ever have to experience, yet, sadly, they happen far too often. Unfortunately, many times we who have suffered such a loss are expected to get over it and move on, and are not encouraged to properly grieve our loss.

I want you to know that it is ok to grieve! From the moment of conception, your child was an individual person, just as worthy of being loved, missed, and remembered as any other person would be. From the day we find out we are pregnant, we begin to make plans for adding a new member to our family. We daydream about whether they will be a boy or a girl, what they will look like, what their first word will be. Having our baby die before we have a chance to meet them is the loss of not just a precious life, but also the loss of all of the hopes and dreams we had tied to them.

I hope that this ministry will provide some measure of comfort, however small, to you or your loved one during this time of loss.


Just like a tiny snowflake
You came from up above
Unique, my child, a child of God
You filled my heart with love

Just like a tiny snowflake
You didn’t stay for long
Before I could hold you in my hand
You already were gone


The Snowflakes of Hope Ministry

I began Snowflakes of Hope in August of 2009 after the loss of our daughter, Anna Zophia, at 11 weeks gestation. I had crochetted hats and blankets for each of my sons, and I found it very healing to make keepsakes for our daughter as well. I crochetted her a tiny hat, but it seemed odd to create a full sized blaket that wouldn't fit into her keepsake box, so I began to think of what else I could make for her.

The image of a snowflake seemed perfect for my little one...much like my daughter, snowflakes are individual and unique, and are gone much too fast - even as you hold them in your hand, they are gone.

That image for my daughter, and the healing I felt by creating keepsakes in her memory, developed into a longing to begin a ministry for other families who are also dealing with the heartbreak of loss during a pregnancy.  

Snowflakes of Hope provides hand-made, crochetted snowflakes in memory of little ones lost during pregnancy. I have a variety of yarn colors, and can make snowflakes that are more appropriate for girls, boys, or I can use neutral colors if the gender was unknown.

The snowflakes are about 6 inches across, and are perfect for including in a keepsake box or for hanging in a window or on a Christmas tree as a memorial to your lost little one.

About the Founder

Vallere is a homeschooling mom with two sons - Ian (11-20-05) and Zollie (10-14-07) - and a little girl she will meet in heaven, Anna Zophia (b. 8-14-09). She and her husband live in eastern NC. They are active members of their church, where her husband is an elder. Vallere is a birth doula and provides lactation support through La Leche League. She and her husband pray that God will continue to fill their quiver with children. Feel free to follow their family's journey through life and grief on her blog, linked in the grief resources at the bottom of the page.


Who can request a snowflake?

Any mother or father who has experienced a loss during pregnancy can request a snowflake. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends are welcomed to request a snowflake for their loved ones who are or have experienced a loss during pregnancy.

How much do the snowflakes cost?

This ministry is a labor of love, and I will never ask a grieving parent to pay for a snowflake. Donations from those requesting a snowflake for a family member or friends are welcome in any amount, and will go to cover the costs of supplies and postage.

How do I request a snowflake?

Email requests for a snowflake to blessedbirth.vallere@gmail.com and please include the gender of your baby (if known), your yarn color preferences (if you don't have a preference, that's ok too!), the child's name (if one was given), and the mailing address where you would like your snowflake to be delivered to. Please feel free to include any additional information that will help me pray specifically for your family's needs during your time of grief.

How can I make a donation to the Snowflakes of Hope ministry?

Donations can be made to my paypal account: blessedbirth.vallere@gmail.com . Please be assured that any and all donations will go towards buying supplies and mailing snowflakes to families.


Some grief resources...

I found these sites to be particularly helpful during my loss and grieving process.

www.crunchychristianlife.com is my personal blog where I have written extensively about our loss and my journey through the grief that has followed.

www.october15th.com is a website that contains information about October 15th, the National Day of Remembrance for those who are or have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or other neonatal loss. They also have an online store which sells memory jewelry, car magnets, and other items to help honor your child.

www.silentgrief.com is an online community which contains message boards dedicated to losses at different stages. They offer a number of resources, including books, weekly encouragement emails, and articles dealing with grief and loss.

http://hannahshopebook.com/ is the website for the book Hannah's Hope by Jennifer Saake, as well as more information about her own struggles through infertility, miscarriage, and adoption loss. You can read the first chapter of the book online to see if it would be appropriate for you. There is also a link to her infertility support pages and message board at www.hannah.org , which addresses primary and secondary infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant and adoption loss in a supportive environment of married Christian women from around the world.